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Great advantage for the leprosy in the fruit

Women should not buy expensive creams to hide old age and hide skin, because their youngest carrot is hidden in fruit.

Scientists have found that women whose diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, they have fewer wounds after 50 years of age.

Researchers at the Eritrea Medical Center of Netherlands said that the utility of these things is not for men.

Women that eat more double bread, meat and sweet, have more roots on their skin.

Research found that fruit use is far less cheaper than skin cream and lotion used.

In Britain, women spend only 12 million pounds on creams and millions of pounds in Tank and Masterswire.

Researchers asked about 2700 male and female foods for over 50 years.

Each of them later got a thirty-day fee scan in which the numbers were numbered.

The results said women whose food consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables and fishes, had fewer wings on their faces.

But those who eat more meat, double bread and sweet, their faces were high.