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Facebook suspended a large number of apps

The Social Media Website Facebook suspended approximately 200 applications during the audit audit so that it could not mislead third-party apps of Facebook users.

Company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced March 21 that the company will take a new step to reduce the breach of Cambridge Anilica Scandal.

He said that before 2015 all the apps accessed to the data will be investigated.

Facebook is now to say that since audits started debut months ago and thousands of apps have been tested so far that nearly 200 applications have been suspended.

The company did not tell that they have suspended applications.

Facebook reported in the blog that there are two parts of this investigation.In the first case, it has been reviewed that all apps have access to Facebook data, as part of the company will take interviews and answer the detailed question.

Facebook has stopped joining new apps after coming to the scene of the above mentioned concord.