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A job that can save life in case of aerial accident

Although the plane crash is very dangerous, it is more likely to survive the possibility of survival.

According to experts, so far there were 87.7 percent of such accidents in which no one died. Only 12.3 percent of the air crashes were known.

According to the Mail Online report, experts say that if the passengers slowly work themselves consciously, their prospects of survival can be bright.

These experts have told a way that increases the chances of avoiding execution. Experts say that whenever an airplane is present and the risk is announced by the pilot, immediately sit down on your seat and sit down.

Your position is that your lower fault is kept with the back of your seat and with the power behind the set in front of you. Place both of your hands on the set in front of the bottom and put them on top. Your seat belt should be screwed on the shoulder with full strength while loose on the bottom. This way the seating is called Brace Position.

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When the plane seems to fall down, the words of ‘Brews, Bears, Bears’ are also paid by pilots. Listen to these words in the Junior Speaker, instantly take yourself to this position.

Experts had to say further that using such blankets and pillows can not help you in such an emergency, so do not waste time to set them back.

Travelers get two shocks when the ship falls on the ground. The first shock is to set their seat belt, because the ship stops with a single lump, but the passenger’s body tries to move forward, which sets the seat belt. The second shock is to hit the ground of the ship, which is known to be shocking.

In such a way, if the passenger puts his head in front of the front and with his full back side with his strength behind his seat, his chances of surviving in this shock increases.

After avoiding another shock, the passengers should try to get out of the plane immediately, before they catch fire.