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Facebook does not use a week to reduce mental stress

Deleting Facebook does not protect your personal information but also reduces your mental stress level.

A Australia University has found that people do not show satisfaction with their lives due to the deliberate social network account. However, he did a research on Delayat’s experience for some time and found out that using a few days of Facebook reduces the human pressure of the person.

Eric van Men from the University of Queensland says “not using Facebook for just five days shows the decrease in the hormones courtesy of human mental stress.” However, he also told that people were not satisfied with their life after doing this and they were looking forward to using their Facebook rewards.

This experiment was conducted with two groups, one group, which was banned for use for 5 days, while the other group was asked to use their Facebook as usual.

All 138 people in the group were taken after the experience of Salab and after the experiment ended, and the results of the experience came to light that the courtesy level was seen shortly for those who did not use Facebook for 5 days. The mental pressure decreases.

Wayne had to say more, “It is not necessary for Facebook but also, but mental stress can be seen as less commonly used by any social site.”