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Why do false news spread rapidly?

In the light of a new research, it has been believed that false news spreads more rapidly than true and accurate news. According to researchers, this false news is not a robot, but a large number of people spread.
From the English magazine Sciens published Thursday, about 1.26 million news was reviewed on Twitter between 2006 and 2017. 30 million people had been redirected 45 million times to the news.
To determine whether the news was correct or false, researchers supported six independent organizations for researching information.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sciences-based research report states that there are more than 70% of the spread of false and unmatched news related to true and accurate news.
According to the research, a accurate news on the Twitter reaches to 1500 people, false news or rumors reach the same number of people in less than six times less.
Researchers say false story stories spread faster on the basis of “introductory assumptions”. People share these news stories because they are more surprising than true and accurate news.
The research report also concluded that during a major event or event, the trend of false news and rumors on Twitter increases, as happened in the US presidential election in 2012 and 2016.
The fact is that the people who spread false news, were largely “the number of their follow-ups, they were following fewer people, their activities were largely low on Twitter and they were on Twitter There were significantly active activities “.
It is clear that during the last US presidential election investigating intervention in US presidential election, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Bucker, focused on Twitter activity activated on Twitter titled “BOTS”.
According to Miller’s office, these programs were used to crack down on the American political system.
Remember that at the end of the year, Twitter has taken steps to prevent social media media implementation from impact on the effectiveness of the program.