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Why can not a ship or bird overtake the house of Ka’aba?

According to all the measurements and measurements under modern science, the Kaaba is a center of doubtless land.

This is the place that is located in the middle of the ground. Due to the ground location of the earth naturally, the center of all the gravity of the earth is the same place, that is the feature which makes it unique from other places.

Due to the center of gravity there is a severe magnetic attractive appeal, that is why it is impossible to fly something here.

If you take a piece of magnet in your hand, you will notice that nothing can stick to it in the middle, with the effect of magnetic attractive, it will stick to the right or left of the magnet rotating in the air.

The same formula applies exactly to the Kaaba. Due to the intensity of the main location and magnetic attractiveness, it is unlikely that a plane can fly even at the end of the Ka’bah.

However, the surrounding birds around the Kaaba can be seen flying farther birds.


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