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Sana Fakhar Exposes Noor Bukhari in an Explosive Post

Renowned film and TV actress Sana Fakhar created waves on social media when she traded barbs at the actress turned evangelist Noor Bukhari.

Sana posted a status on her Facebook profile that Noor Bukhari cannot forget the love of her fourth ex-husband Wali Hamid Ali Khan while her third ex-husband Awn Chaudhry would not accept her ever again.

Sana didn’t reveal any more information regarding the matter and now we are all left blind about this sudden feud between the two actresses. Noor’s last husband Wali Hamid Ali Khan further increased our curiosity when he commented on Sana’s post,

Sana and Wali also walked the ramp together at Lahore Fashion Week yesterday. Sana’s sudden interest in Noor’s life has certainly raised a few eyebrows, considering they have worked together in a number of films including Ghar Kab Aao Gay.


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