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How can your smile affect your mind?

Man expresses his feelings in a variety of ways. The joy is usually expressed by the smile. But not necessarily every smile should be given in joy and happiness.

According to the American Psychologist, the reaction of the human brain depends on the various types of emotions. That is what the brain acts as the body wants to reach. Similarly the smile can give a variety of messages and impressions.

The study shows that the smell that is given to show superiority creates mental stress. On the contrary, which promotes smile behavior, namely as a reward, reduces the mental pressure of the viewer.

The slightest difference in facial impairment can also change in front of you and change your opinion about it.

Researchers have described three major types of smiles.

* The smiling face of the house or the edge of the ocean is given to get its status.

* Affiliate shows friendly attitude on the smiling display.

* Exotic smile smiles that make the impression that the forehead is due to your happiness.

During a discussion in a test, heart rate and mental stress rate of some people were measured. When a smiling smile was presented, they got negative and critical impression. He faced mental stress and showed the status of cartridge rising and remained for a while.

However, when they were given a smile, they realized the importance and acceptance. Which has reduced the pressure of Courtsol to them within them.

In those tests whose heart rate changes rapidly, they have relatively strong nervous reactions. Increase and decreasing the heart rate is not natural or non-convertible. However, such as obesity, depression or heart disease, reduce heart rate. Which makes it difficult for humans to understand social reaction and react on them.


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