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Germs that generate electricity and live on it

The creatures of power are really strange and unique. But there are some germs in the world that survive on electricity – it breathes with electricity, and electricity is their diet.

Each cell gets strength from electronics in somehow. Many creatures get electronics from their diet. But the germs can only survive on pure power only. They get electricity in the form of electron, which is the most pure form of it.

Electric germs are present on rocks and metals. And electronics from there. According to an experiment, the germs are electrons to electronically directly in the absence of no source of food. These electronics eat high voltage and electrays back to electrodes at low voltage.

When these germs electrically separate electrons, a generic current is generated. There are barbed wire outside their body that work electronically and in the middle of them.

Almost ten thousand germs make a power wire that transmits electronics to several centimeters. Electron transfer work keeps them paired together and the last germ in the wire is also in touch with the power provider. In this way, they get their oxygen default zones, where they electronics.

There are eight types of germs in the diet. But all kinds of germs are very different from other types. Scientists believe that there are still many things to be discovered in the micro-world world.

Nevertheless, research is continuing to know the method of using germs to generate electricity. The problem of dirty water treatment and sewage can be solved by the electricity generated by these bacteria.