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Eat of women sunflower seed protein deficiency

Nowhere you go, you will see girls hairy, big, small, middle-aged women, sunflower snacks, and roasted seeds peeled in a big way.

It seems strange to see this scene, but this is a very useful process, we tell you about it.

You often see this scene that schools, college girls, working women and other women spend time on leisure occasions while traveling together and traveling together and enjoying the sun-cold roasted seed seeds. So that they can enjoy them whenever they want.

Ladders, especially “Leha Ji” are seen to sell and sell on the streets, markets and markets. Sweat, salt and stir in the food, these seeds do not feel less like almonds, pistachios in any way. Let’s see what these seeds of sunflower have for the women, and this magical seed seeds them. What is the majority of women’s women suffering from food scarcity and balanced diet? It is a common lack of vitamins, mineral, protein, hayatin, germs, carbohydrate and iron (steel) etc.

The main source of protein is meat, which is far from reaching the majority of our population. Pulses and soybean etc. are also not less expensive. Chains and balls are not easily available in the reach of the common woman, for which they can get protein treasures in their body and eliminate their deficit, however there is a huge treasure of protein in the sunflower seed and oil.

Women in poor countries use food as well as sunflower seeds. When its oil is used in different ways. Seed seeds are preferred most of the seeds of sunflower, and our women are very peculiar. Estimate their utility and significance to indicate that these white and black-colored seeds contain complete and complete treasures such as iron, phosphorus and protein. These are also the sources of Vitamins B.

An important feature of sunflower seed is also that it increases the nutrition of any food. Small big restaurants grind small seeds of sunflower, sprinkles, salt and salads. If these seeds are peeled and mixed in vegetables, they also contain oil along with proteins, vitamins and mineral ingredients, after which these prepared vegetables become a result of an increase in nutrition.

Women in many countries of the world use sacks of sunflower seeds in sweet and saline dishes, like grinding or almonds, from top to top. Redding and low-strength women, leprosy and low strength Children with children and aged children give this roasted seeds of sunflower to eat as well as vegetable and then see its effects.

The nutritional schedule of women and children will prove to be the nutritious one of the best diet proteins. It is a complete diet in itself. If the seeds of sunflower beans or coated and added to the milk, are given to children and tanjers, they play an important role in their growth and also meet the needs of their diet and protein.

Sunflower seed contains 50% of the oil, so it is better to roast them and be used.

The use of sunflower seeds will end up feeling fatigue and flame after working in women.

Sugar patients use these seeds with a doctor’s advice, but it is said that the sunflower seed seeds control the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in the body. Potato seeds contain plenty of potassium seeds. Potassium maintains the balance of sodium found in our daily diet.

The amount of magnesium found in the sunflower helps in maintaining proper balance between heart, muscle and nervous bowl, calcium and magnesium. The founding of the sunflower was found to be found by the Yemeni and Naisen sunflower with the nerve and brain as well as skin and nervous digestion. If there is a decrease in the significant vitamins in the human body, there may be many diseases.

African women feed and grow dry seeds of sunflower seeds and feed their children in diseases such as throat inflammation, coughing, influenza, tonsulence and bronchitis. It is said that the house in which the Sunflower plants are completely protected from cold and influenza.The most commonly used and favorable items of African women are sunflower seeds. Then the oil, dough, cough, butter prepared by them, are included in their daily diet.

The dough prepared by sunflower also protects and cures diseases that cause blood loss in those women. In the improvement of human health, sunflower seeds can improve greatly. Its oil does not allow cholesterol to lie on the walls of blood cells.

As far as Europe, America and Africa, Asian women are still far away from the nature of sunflower and unprofessional importance. However, they should prepare all the vegetable for themselves and their families in Sun Flower Oil. Rather than organize breakfast with Sunflower Oil, it is not only useful for your health but also provides food for skin and hair and you can stay young for a long time.