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Discovery Jelly in the Human Body “Chapapne”

Yorkshire:British experts have discovered a jelly substance that can be complicated to print complicated and soft human organs through Thary D printer.

Thary D Printer has been present for the last 25 years, while the modification of various living cells (tissues) is also possible, which is called “thyd biography.” But by preparing artificial human organs through third-day biography, preparation has been very difficult.

In the same context, a major obstacle is such things that are not only soft, but they include cells related to specific parts of the body, and can be reproduced by a living organic animal that can perform their work correctly.

According to the details, the substance of this substance has been discovered in the supervision of biopulimer material, biopolymer material, in Yorkshire’s University of Hurdersfield, states that there is a combination of many substances that are severe and solid in human beings. They are also strong and elastic. So far the biggest problem in biophragm raids is the biggest problem that the layers (such as) are so delicate that they lose weight due to their weight, while two such layers are connected together. No, no.

This new substance is a lightweight polymer, which maintains flexibility and strength after passing through the bioparting phase, while multiple layers can be easily added.It is being described as an important step towards biological evolution of human organs. During early experiments, it will be printed by christmas bones and other soft but strong physical rectangles (via thry de printer).

Experts hope that it will be able to further improve the next few years in the next few years.

The details of this research have been published online in the “Advanced Material”.