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Symptoms appearing one month before getting a heart attack

One of the most dangerous health problems in the world is also a heart attack. However it is possible to prevent and protect it if appropriate measures are taken. According to scientists, a heart attack starts showing different symptoms from 1 month ...

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Be careful to use the phone for late nights

The use of the phone for a long time is a very bad habit. Researchers from the University of Glasgow have found that disrupting the natural clock of your body can create serious problems in your mood. Senior writer of ...

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These pre-appearing symptoms may be diabetes preserved

Diabetes is an illness that is suitable for lifestyle. However it is possible to prevent some pediatric disease by adopting some special methods.Exclusive diet, regular exercise and mental stress can prove to be very useful for protecting this disease. In addition to ...

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World Day of High Blood Pressure: Symptoms, causes and cures

Worldwide of high blood pressure-high blood pressure is observed on May 17 worldwide. This day is celebrated to encourage the disease and to take action against it. The message on this day is to know about your blood pressure level. Symptoms The ...

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Be sure to use this drink in Ramadan

Ramadan has come this summer in summer and people complain about summer thirst. It is often said that during the evening the yogurt is eaten, it is not thirsty all day. But there are many things besides yogurt that you can ...

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