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10 symptoms of unbalanced hormones in women

Men’s women’s harmonious system is more complicated and it is more likely to be disordered. It is also affected by mood, attitude, good personality and appearance.

It is important to understand these signs of change in hormones for women. Really referring to the doctor. Here you are referring to ten signs of hormonal changes.

Suddenly nail acne


Nail acids and blackheads are displayed when mosquitoes turn off, however some medical experts claim that nail acne exposure results in a sudden change in the hormones in the body. For example, the level of endrogen decreases the whole body due to nail acids. It is often done with women in the ninth era, but it is likely to occur in middle ages too.

Often cold


If a woman often suffers headache (removing mental stress or removing fatigue) it may result in decreasing estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone that controls the brain and spinal metabolic process in women, if its quantity is too high or too low, half of the headaches or acne pain occur.

Anxiety Complaint

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Anxiety is a dangerous sign. Because it is connected to the lower level of the projection. According to medical experts, this hormone is naturally calm and brings sleep to normal, its surface change often disappears. Usually, when women create children, the level of estrogen and progestestone is seen to decrease, but it does not happen. So if so, it is a sign of referring to the doctor.

Sweat too much

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The sudden symptoms of excessive sweating or fever hormones are one of the major symptoms of hormones, hormones control the physical temperature, and in case of non-balance, the feeling of heat increases, sweat and fever The quality of it becomes asleep.

Steady fatigue

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Everyone faces fatigue at some time, however, if a woman feels fatigue at all times, even if not comfortable, why it can be a sign of harmony in hormones. Severe fatigue according to other specialists The process of becoming Thai Rammed Hormones may result in problems.

A sudden change in weight

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If the harmonium system is not balanced, physical weight increases, whether you use healthy foods. Deficiency of specific hormones or abundance increases fat volume while increasing the size of the body. For example, increase in estrogen, cortecol or insulin levels increases the body’s fat. Similarly, low levels of thai-raced hormones reduce slow metabolism and increases body volume.

Hair loss

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Too much hair loss can result in thai-rays, insulin or testosterone, for example, in this men, the hormones fill their body heavily and hairily. But most of the hormones in women lead to dyeing water.

System problems

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According to a research, increased estrogen levels affect the intestine micro fluorescence. Similarly, high levels of this hormone can lead to stomach pain and forget. Forgetting things constantly forget and not focusing on things can result in different elements, in which there is an imbalance in the hormones system. The reduction in cortexol and estrogen levels causes it.


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According to various medical research reports, decrease in estrogen levels causes things to forget, do not focus on attention and neutral mind, thus reducing the level of cortexol effect on short-term memory.

Do not control hunger

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The role of hormones is very important in controlling hunger and anti-inflammation and the balance of their balance makes the hunger out of control. Leopard and guerrillas are important for controlling it, of which Lippin reduces hunger, while the guerrillas tell the body when we want to eat.