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Twin parents get depressive risks: research

In a new study, it is known that parents who have given birth to twins or three or more children at one time, are exposed to depression and depression than other parents.

Research found that 48 percent of the parents who were born to more than one child at one time had severe mental problems, with only 10% care.

This research has come during a mental health debate after giving birth to a woman’s birthplace worldwide. In which all the mothers should be inspected within six months of the birth of the children according to the suggested instructions.

However, American researchers have insisted in research that parents who have more than one child at once should be given special attention.

This problem is especially consistent with the fact that the birth of more than one child has increased greatly because at one time the couple are attending to treat their infertility.

A psychotherapy and psychologist team inspected 241 parents including 197 mothers and 44 of their spouse.

48% of them said that they wanted their parents to take care of their health in the early months or years, after which they became depressed, due to depression and uncomfortable and their Relationship grew in relationships.

Only 10% of the parents were under care, and most of them were treated depression.