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The slightest headache can also suffer from dementia

Dementia is not a particular disease name. This is a term that illustrates the symptoms shown in the reduction in memory and mental abilities.These symptoms include the sign of human activity of the person.

A dementia study led to the result that the slightest minor injury on the head could also affect the brain, which could lead to a disease of dementia. The nature of the injury on the head can be so modest that human beings do not get intoxicated due to injury. Due to minor injury, it is also possible to reduce the risk of dementia if half of the headache is also tired.

The study proves that due to minor injuries on the head, the risk of dementia is 2 index 4 in semi-immersed people. This risk increases up to 2 point 5 if the complete unconsciousness ends. While this risk increases four times, which is near 3 point 8, if the headache is of extreme nature and it deepens its brain.

Investigators conducted separate research on two groups in this research.The first group included common people who suffered a severe injury at some point. And there were other people working in the army in the second group who suffered injury over their military duty, especially the wounds caused by the explosion of the blast.

The results of both groups were the same. In general, the injury conditions and combat environments are capable of harming the same nature. Also, due to injury, the brain trauma can cause brain to suffer from age-old symptoms and other mental problems.

The risk of dementia from the head injury is that mental brain causes the birth of proteins in mind that eliminate neurons in the brain. The end of neuronzia is a memory-related disease, causing Alzheimer’s disease.Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia.