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Transparent eyebrows, light ray for blind people

California:The beautiful glass wing, found in South America, is a powerful power masterpiece on the transparent, which opens with the enemy, now it has proved to be a curse of hope for the infinite blind.

On the glasses of glass, there are very loud rectangles that make it completely transparent. Now scientists have tried to cure green nausea, glucoma patients, copying the nano structures of this parable. An implant is developed by copying the nano particles on the ends of the tissue, which will help in measuring light on the eye of glucoma, will help the correct measurement of the fluid collected because it is in the eye The process of submission causes ultimate blindness.

In the glucoma disease, eyesighted veins of the light are destroyed and five per cent of the patients in such a way that they can not be well. This is due to an increase in the eye that can increase the middle break of the doctor’s examination, but also one day, and the patient can strieve.There are medicines in the eyes, but we have not yet been able to find any way to measure the growth in the eyes of glucose patients.

Therefore, at the California Institute of Technology, Medical Engineer Professor Hoik Choo and his team are working on a censorship similar to the Mole Seed. When it is highlighted on this censorship, it will show the pressure in the eye, and thus it will be possible to note the 24-hour eye pressure as it will move as a strip that supports the censor as pressure increases. It will be possible to see this whole system via a smartphone.

Infected by the foreheads, the censorship has been tested in rabbit in the first phase and its best results have been recovered.