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There are no 5 types of diabetes, experts

Helsinki, Art Leaders: For many decades, we are distributing diabetes or diabetes in typoin or typ-to-diabetes, but experts have discovered more sub-types of diabetes which will help in treating the disease.

Type-diabetes is an autonomous (auto-immune) disease, which can not make lungs insulin, but in typ-to-diabetes, the body is resistant to insulin.

Now Sweden and Finland experts have discovered four sub-types of type-to-diabetes. Experts associated with the University of Leone have shown that this will help to control the global diabetes and patients will be able to cure diabetes treatment.

 Diabetes diabetes has been named ‘severe autonomous diabetes’ or ‘typical autoimmune diabetes’, where typote is divided into four categories, two of which are severe and two medium-term diseases. Are there In the first instance, severe insulin diabetes is in people whose blood contains more amounts of sugar, lubricants make less insulin, and insulin resistance or resistance are medium.

The second type is named after insulin with severe resistance diabetes, which is a victim of obesity and its body is strongly resistant to insulin. In this condition, physical cells do not use insulin in a thorough way and it increases blood sugar.

Under the new classification, diabetes will be placed in these five categories:

Cluster First

This type includes severe self-defense or cavity autoamonut diabetes, whose first name was ‘type-din’ diabetes. It fits under the body’s natural defense system and stops making lubricants insulin. Usually it is attacked in childhood, but it appears in archeology and requires insulin injection throughout the year.

Cluster II

This is the severity of insulin’s severe reduction, called ‘insulin deficiency shaped diabetes’. Teenagers are mistakenly diagnosed with type diabetes, while their security system is best. In fact it is a type of type-to-diabetes. In this, the patient’s weight is fine, blood sugar is high, the body makes less insulin and the resistance of insulin is medium.

Cluster Som

In this condition the body shows severe resistance to insulin which includes obesity.

Cluster IV

The fourth type is obesity of medium-obesity, whose patient is suffering from obesity, but this disease is less intensely. The attack is in lesser extent.

Cluster pamphlet

The population is suffering from the same disease. 40% of patients with diabetes are victims of it, called middle-class diabetes related to aging.

Details of this research have been published in the Research Journal ‘The Lists: Distributions and Endocrinology’, which shows that more than 14,000 patients were reviewed in this study. According to experts, it will help in understanding and treating diabetes.