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Saudi Uttar Pradesh resolved the problem of smuggling in Ramadan

Riaz: Shaikh Zaid al-Fatabi, a lord of Shah Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, a comprehensive mosque, said that people should benefit from the fasting month of Ramadaan and get rid of bad habits like cigarettes to improve their role and behavior.

According to the Saudi media, Khabar said on the basis of the loss of children’s cigarette smoking and said that science has proved through regular scientific investigations that diseases of cereal lung cancer, kidney failure, diseases of major heart diseases Mouth and throat cancer and other major diseases are causing. Millions of people are becoming lethal due to cigarette addiction every year.

He said that first of all demonstrate the determination of leaving cigarettes.The second thing is to set the date and time of abandoning the cigarette in the first place. The third thing should be to stop the relationships of people who are addicted to cigarettes. The fourth process is to pray deeply to Allah that he should help them in this matter.

Khatib al-Awtabi said that if Allah wills, then the fasting who forbid all these four instructions during the month of Ramadan will be free from cigarettes.


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