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Prepared live cells for eye diseases

Los Angeles:American specialists have achieved significant success in improving eyes by capturing living cells in the eyes of the victim’s victims of illness, ‘Macular de Generation’.

As a result, there is a reason for severe reduction in visualization, which is a mechanical de generation, which causes disorders in the eye curtain (retina), and this procedure can not be cured in any way. Typically after 60 years of age, the disease of the macular de generation is deteriorated to many people.

Now experts have achieved significant success in improving their eyes by putting special biological puzzles in the eyes of four years old. These patients also include a 69-year-old woman who could read only 7 letters on the first-rate test chart, but after reading this patching, she read 24 letters.

Professor Amir Kashani and his colleagues, professor of University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles, made 6 mm wide polar beams and 4 mm long chips, and made healthy cells of Retina. After that, after a single eye of four patients, this paste was placed, while the second eye was left behind.

On one side, it improves biological glossary, on the other hand treats dry mucular diarrhea in the eyes, which is the most common type of disease, and 90 percent of losing weight suffer from it.

Similar patches are moisture prepared for moisture de generation. Blood cells in this condition attack on Retina’s AP cellular cells and destroy them.

Professor Amir Kashishani says that after a year of ponding, when all patients were reviewed, the patching eye was stable and fine, and the eyes of the eye which did not get paved over became worse. Now the next step this package will be added to more patients.