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Playing with the ball is beneficial for your child’s bones

London: According to the new research, if you want your children’s bones to be strong, impress them with playing games or plead them to feed such games that they can train for their bones.

According to researchers, bones and physical strengths of eight to 10 years of children increase hair play. Professor Peter Crestp, studying the study, says, “Our research has proven that the exercise done daily in school enhances positive effects on children from eight to ten years’

The study of this publication in British Journal of Sports Medicine was reviewed by 295 children for a year. As a result, it was observed that children who played hairball games compared to ordinary children, physical strength and bones were 10 per cent, while the capacity of balance was seen more than 15 percent.

This research proves that the exercises and activities done in the school are profitable for a child, with which it can be protected from the emergence of incoming bones.


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