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Minor amount of alcohol also reduces the day of life, research

New York: The new research in the US states that the small amount of liquor also reduces the human life day.

According to American research, five to ten liquor people drink five months of life, two years of ten to fifteen and two years of life drinkers and five years of life for those who drink more than eighteen people.

Dr. Angela Wood has warned in the light of his research that people who spend alcohol on daily basis increase the amount of alcohol, as well as the years of their lives are short. It revealed that based on the results obtained by the research conducted on 6 million people in alcohol related to 19 countries.

Dr. Angela has been studying the effects of alcohol consumption and its impact on life, resulting in a week more than 14 units of drinking alcohol was enough to destroy health, equivalent to 6 drinks in a week. Is. As well as increase the number of alcohol addictions, its disadvantages also increase.

Dr Angela said that even those who drink less than 14 units of alcohol are likely to suffer from depression, blood pressure and heart diseases, so they suggest that as far as possible, alcohol should be away from alcohol.

It is clear that earlier a research was said that Red Wine is useful for health but new research has made it clear.