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Anthropologist Ankoda tooth paste

Washington:University of Washington specialists have made a naturally rich natural ingredients containing toothpaste, which prevent the process of becoming teeth (caviat) on daily basis and promote a dental part or anemal.

Professor Mamtar Sarikaya and his colleagues, have developed a tooth paste from a particular protein ambulance by peptides (small chains of aminoids). It is clear that the severely part of ambulance protein teeth plays an important role in the formation of analog.

On the other hand, natural peptides in tooth paste are dental, on the other hand, on the other side, they remove the calcium and phosphate ion on the other hand. In this way, tooth holes can be filled in the initial condition and in a way the anesthesia extends on the teeth. Apart from this, the dentists present are also protected.

Experiences conducted in laboratory showed that whenever toothpaste is applied, it takes a toe of 10 to 50 micro meters of acne every time it is teeth. It is expected that the technology scale of this technology will be possible to adapt to daily use toothpaste, which will be equally useful for both children and the elderly.

Dentists also expressed happiness over this invention, saying that peptides can be a different way to protect dental. This process is very simple and it can leave all the products of dental care behind.