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Learn to read the mind of the front person

What is going on in the front person’s mind and what does he want? To know this is the best way to understand body language or physical language. Which of us would not want to read other people’s minds?Interestingly, your physical activity and sciences ask you a lot about your thoughts, thoughts and intentions. As much as you do not even want to describe.

The University of California, Los Angeles’s research shows that the words of words are only 7% in the relationship between humans. 38% of the rest are sound vocabulary and 55% of the physical language-body body.

Now imagine yourself that by understanding physical activity and how much you can know about any person. So whether you are in any office meeting, meeting someone with business or meeting a particular person or why not with children, then consider these aspects.

Take a look at the hands and legs, hand tied or leg leg Jamalina shows that the other person does not agree with your opinion. Even if she is not smiling and conversations are walking in a very good environment, but the physical language shows something else.

Jerard Nernberg and Henry Klelo made video of more than 2 conversations for his book regarding Body Language and found that the results of all the meetings were unanimous, in which the parties were talking leg while leg.Psychiatric is seen, tied a hand or leg Jamalina on the leg shows that a person is pausing himself in a mental, emotional and physical manner, which is in front of him.

Remember that this movement does not intend to do anything. Real smile when someone smiles, they can deceive her, but never give eyes. The real smile tears up to the eyes and forms around it. People also smile to hide their real thoughts and feelings, so whenever someone smiles in front of you, see if there are rings on the sides of his eyes or not? If not, then know that her smile is hiding. Not both on one page.

Have you ever observed that during the meeting when you tie your hand or leave it, does the same do the same? Or does it even duplicate the head sometime to rotate the head in a particular direction? If so, this is a very good sign. When we agree with each other, they are unintentionally copying it. It shows that the conversation is going in a good direction and the party is well-understood and accepted it.

False eyes you have often heard, especially talk about childhood ideas. Our parents understand that it is hard to lie by putting eyes in someone’s eyes and it is also true that they do not say wrong, but now it has come to an end that people do not hesitate to lie by putting their eyes in their eyes, But by mistake they do something more. They have eyes eyes so long that they feel bad. Just here they are caught.

On average, a normal person can get other eyes from seven to ten seconds.If you are listening, then the duration is slightly higher and if something is less. If anyone is talking to you and watching a lot of eyes, you do not even feel foolish, then understand that he is lying. Thin bars show our three kinds of feelings.

Surprise, Trouble and Fear. Talking to a friend in a quiet way now, try adding the eyebrows, it will be difficult. So if someone is talking to you and is worn, and the subject is not that which involves surprise, trouble or fear, then understand that there is a problem. Overall yes yes yes if you are saying something to someone and she is shaking head in a very fast, so understand that she is upset. There are a few things going on in her mind. As you are thinking about it? Or you do not trust the capabilities regarding these instructions. Jaws, neck and forehead pressure on the jaw, show stress on the neck or forehead. Whether anybody is saying anything, these signs show his discomfort. It is very important to know what the person is saying and describes what the tasted body is.

Lastly, even if you do not know about the idea of ​​someone’s mind, but you can understand a lot from her physical language. When words and physical languages ​​do not show up with each other, then understand that the matter is messy.