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Hart Atick happens to be obesity by obesity, research

Norway:According to the new research, coronary heart disease (heart disease that gives blood to heart) is not of obesity but physically immune.

The article published at the American College of Cardiology magazine states that instead of reducing weight, being physically dynamic, coronary heart disease treatment is more helpful. Norwegian University researcher Trine Moholdith and his colleagues studied the effects of obesity on 3307 patients, or increased body fat and physical activity.

The thirty-year research study showed that the number of patients who increased weight of 3307 patients was equal to no death rate due to coronary heart disease, but those who have reduced weight, but not physically dynamic They had a mortality rate of 1.3 percent.Similarly, the patients who kept the weight normal but the mortality rates of those who were physically dynamic, were 64 percent zero, which are not equal, as if physical activity is done in the work of daily tasks, heart diseases The patient is infected and the patient remains healthy.

In the Koranary Heart Diet, the blood-blooded kidney “coronary artery” has a barrier in the form of a plague, which causes blood flow and heart muscle does not require blood, Myocardial Infarction.

This disease can be removed by side and side when needed.People suffering from heart disease do not harass you, therefore experts say that everyday tasks should be done and lightweight step should also be made of a normal part.

It is clear that the research published earlier stated that rates of coronary hurdle victims suffer rates.