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Computer manufacture equal to salt


 IBM manufactured the world’s smallest computer that is similar to salt gram.

The IBM documented a mm equivalent in “The Think 2018 Conference” in Las Vegas. The capacity of a mm wide and a computer capable of a mm long length is equal to the IBM desktop computer. This computer has been named ‘Corpse Anchor’ which works on the chip system style, including processor, memory, storage and communication modules.

This chip computer has been specially designed to be installed as’ Tag tag, product packaging, tracking and food-drinking items as well as recording the items being delivered during the freight exports. Will be able to The IBM says the world’s smallest computer and beta computing system is unique that can monitor data, analyze, data transfer, and process data.

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The IBM officials say that this chip computer can be used as ‘data source’ which can be used for logistical purposes, with the help of fraud, fraud and stolen protection during delivery of goods. This computer will be available everywhere in the next five years.