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Before cleansing the teeth, should it be wet or not?

Before cleaning the teeth, should you rub the brush or not? Perhaps you do not mean this question for you, but recently there has been a lot of debate on Twitter for this question.

A woman questioned her in Twitter on Twitter. After which the line of answers took place.

Query: Twitter user @envyteeee got to the micro-blogging site asking whether he should wet her toothbrush before or after applying toothpaste and her request has led to a huge debate

Some said that before brushing tooth paste, the brush is wet while some use them toothpaste in dry condition.

But what is the right way? Different people have different opinions on it.

Soft touch: While another shared that he likes to wet the bristles to make them soft and more comfortable brushing

Alternative: While another tweeted his unconventional method of the toothpaste directly on his tongue

According to the Daily Mail , Tut Brush Company’s Community Dental Manager, Dr Mottali Haria Wala, corrected the brush of the past.

He said, first wet your toothbrush so that its fibers soften and protect dental or bamboo from scratch.

One of the advantages of weting the first brush is also that it sticks on tooth paste fibers and does not fall down when using.

After pea-paste, paste it paste again and again. Giving it a second time increases its solution and it works more efficiently.

Summon Anneor and Dentist Mark Brehen, founder of Quip Company, said water and tooth paste should not be used by mixing. Because it reduces the effect of tooth paste.

Everyone knows it is beneficial to wash mouth after brush. Antiquity should be careful when using toothpaste, but it is better to leave it for a few minutes after dental installation and later use mouse wash.