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Wrap aluminum foam and then look perfection

Most people bring wine treatment to bring tooth tooth, which is very expensive. Sometimes there is no consequence of witing treatment as we are hoping.

Today, there are many toothpaste available in the market that they make tooth teeth, but there are ingredients present in those sixty pastas that damage the upper layer of our teeth.

Today we will tell you a natural way of dental treatment that makes your teeth glossy like glasses.

Take a little baking soda and tooth paste, then mix them well. Now take aluminum frying and apply tooth paste and wrap it around the teeth.

Allow this toothpaste tooth on an hour and then clean the teeth with water. Use this method of witing twice a week for best results.

This method will make your teeth white like beads, and you will be surprised by seeing the result.

The dentist says that various vitamin tours are harmful to our teeth because it affects anemil, but this method of vitaminating does not harm the teeth.