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Why is Men Outside Why?

KARACHI:Every man’s throat is a shave in the middle, which is very prominent in men than women and that is also called “apple apple”.

If the story of stories is said, Christian tradition is said that when Adam came in the sedition of Satan, he had a apple apple, a piece of his strap was stuck in his throat and the throat was buried. . Since this incident, the man’s throat appears to be more pronounced than women in this particular place and reminds us of the mistake of man’s demolition.

But science about it is something else. The apple on the throat, namely Adam’s apple consist of a crystal bone which protects sound glands and nerves called “thyroid cartridges”.However, the reason for heavy water in the voice is the size of the same cartridges.There is no significant difference in the sound of boys and girls in childhood, while most of the voices of boys become more heavy when they grow, because their thyroid cartridges also increase in size. Scientists say that the men in which this structure (Adam’s apple) is grown out and out, their voice is equally heavy and rigid.

Since there is no significant increase in thyroid cartage lease after getting adolescent in women, their voice is more frequent than men. However, in some women this structure is more emerging and as a result, their voice becomes heavy like men. Sometimes it happens that this protective chord bone is small in men and when they speak, it seems as if a woman is talking.

If you do not believe, just listen to the voices of women and gentlemen around you, carefully consider the roots on their neck. Is it exactly the same as described or different from it?