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Watsapp is going to make a difference in voice messages

Android beta worries app is a new feature featuring Voice Options automatically option to save. Voice Mess will automatically be saved when a call will arrive while recording audio audio.

Watson stickers are also considering option in Android Beta. This feature is currently inactive and is not in all users’ accessory.

According to the Watson App Beta Envelop, Wats App Android Beta Version 2.18.123 is coming with an option in which Voice Messages will automatically be saved.

This feature will automatically be available in the app, the user will not need to do anything separately.

Watson app recently introduced ‘Folk’fureter, in which the user was pressed with a microphone recording while recording audio.

According to the report, the IOS already supports the feature to save Voice Messaging and now this feature is being released in the Android beta.

If the user is recording an audio message and calls a call or the battery is over, the voice message will be saved.


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