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Wats app messages will no longer be delivered directly

California: The Wats app revised its decision by submitting messages and introduced ‘application’ option to deliver messages.

The Wats app has introduced the Block Revoke Request feature, after which users will not be able to directly delete the messages, but have to send an application to delete messages. After applying the application, messages will be deleted after some necessary examination. The purpose of introducing this feature is to prevent misuse of delite for all options.


The Watson app had long been able to spend more than an hour while spending the option of ‘Deallet for avery’ option last week, since taking advantage of some users started deleting three three years old messages. Had done Watson app has given a 7-minute time to delete the mistakenly sent messages after which the message could not be deleted, after which the period was extended to 68 minutes instead of 7 minutes.

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It is clear that there is a popular app for social communication used to send messages, photos and videos, but it did not have the option to delete the sent messages in error, after which the Delite option was keeping in view the wishes of the users. Was introduced.