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Use of these nutrients protects from the disease

One of the most commonly known diseases in the world is asthma.Every tenth of the patients may suffer from this disease. This is a dangerous disease that requires a lot of caution. If you do not care carefully, this disease may also be known.

This disease is lung disease that affects humans’s breath. This disease causes respiratory breathing, chest tightening, breathing problems and coughing complaints. Today we will tell you what things can be used to keep this disease safe.


Milk calcium is also richer than magnesium. Its feature prevents breathing from getting tight. Apart from this, vitamin D in milk is also known for protecting asthma.

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Onions and garlic

The most commonly used use of onions and garlic in the diet can help to stay safe from the disease. The main reason for this is that both of these items contain compounds that are useful for irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract.

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The beta cortone present in the carrot goes into the body and turns into vitamin A. It enables vitamins to fight the arthritis.

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The effect of turmeric is hot because it proves extremely useful for asthma.The use of turmeric also protects from the armpit.

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Vitamins c

Use of such items in the diet protects from the aroma that is full of vitamin C. These include spinach, berry, canoe and other fruits and vegetables.Vitamin C removes the problem of breathing and strengthens the strength of the body.

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What should be done in the case of mothers?

There may be two types of visits. One is that you have an inhalation. And secondly, there is no needle. If the patient has an inhalation while visiting, then he can control his tour even if he is alone. But presence of ten people can not even work if it does not have any integer.

Trouble with severe breathing can be very frightening and disturbed.Therefore, it is important that the patient of the patient knows how to control her condition.

If the patient does not have an inhalation, first of all he should sit calm down and let the panic do not prevail on himself. Panic can worsen the arthritis. After sitting straight, start deep and long breathing. If there is any possibility of any kind of smoke available, then the child. Use this type of drink that includes caffeine, such as tea coffee.

If there is inhalation in the tour, then sit straight and control panic first.Breath your breath with the help of your asphalt.

If both conditions do not fit in the travel room, get ambulance or quick medical assistance.