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To keep yourself alive, Angry Cactus

This rare cactus is also known as ‘creeping diol’. It is counted in very interesting and unusual varieties of cactus. Not only does it make itself self-cloning for its survival, but also separates some of its parts from the mainstream. So that time spread throughout the desert.

The cactus’s scientific name is Stenocereus Eruca, and it is rarely found in the California head of California’s Northwest Mexican state Baja.

Worldwide, it is known as Moving Cats (Animation Cactus). Contrary to the other citations of Cactus, this crapping dolge spreads the surface slowly on the ground instead of vertically moving towards the sky. This process not only plays an important role in the survival of catscase survival, but also keeps the unique feature of moving it all over the time.

CAPPING DEAL CATTICS IN BUILDING California’s cold coastal climate, making large colonies every year increases by two feet rate.Sometimes there is no place to go between the colony containing the toothy stems produced by its spread. But when the weather is dry, its growth decreases by 2 feet.

However, because of its special environment, it can make its survival while maintaining its fertility through cloning.

When it grows parallel to the ground, then the craneing diolithic citations form new roots from its heads and once it roots tightly in the sandy ground, the flowering starts to become molded after the deadly plants. Gives organic food work for growth.

In the same way, this cactus spreads throughout the desert along with time.In other words, I can say that cactus has to die for its survival.