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The end of the kinyl nose eliminates the balloon

Report: Although the ear is an important part of our body, and therefore it is very important to clean them, but it does not mean that we start cleaning everything or with a straw or a plate.

According to medical experts, earmail which is also called airways in English and it is usually smutter, is intended to clear from its purpose. Mail not only keeps the gutter from the curtains, but also provides anti-bacterial material of such style that kills the bacteria that cause ear curtains.

Experts have to say more, however, when man begins to perform the hypocrisy of power and thinks himself more wise, then the problem arises from there because if the ear is cleaned with a pouch or a cotton laminated pouch, Instead, it runs more inside, where it stops in the ear groove and turns out to be exhausted.

However, in a research, however, it has been revealed that the nose on the nose is saved from earmail

After a research, the British Southampton University claims that the nose balloon increases the pressure, which helps eliminate endangered mail.

The research included three hundred and twenty children with whom mails were mailed. And just a month later, 33 percent of these children got rid of this problem. It has been said in research that the nose takes the middle hose between the ear and throat in the middle of the ear.

It has also been said in research that it is located on the back of curtains that contain extremely bone bones that help in reducing sound waves.

According to experts, the nose balloon reads pressure from the ears, which helps in ending mile in the ear.

According to experts, using the balloon balloon to eliminate mail is limited on a limited scale. The professor involved in this research expressed confidence in the process.