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Prayer significantly increases the ‘Alpha Wave Activity’ in mind

Islam has not only brought the message of spiritual welfare for humans, but also in the worldly sense, it is not possible for the blessings that are found to be.

Scientists had some important questions about the effects of Islamic worship, one of which has been revealed in a scientific research in Malaysia.

The University of Malaysia’s Department of Biomedical Engineering conducted a scientific study on the human mind and the effects of the body.The results were so wonderful and surprising that this research was immediately requested to be published in the internationally renowned scientific journal.

A university team led by a senior scientist Hazem Duyesh, who was involved in the prayers of people with prayers, with reference to regional, central, typal, private, and auxiliary instruments, and various steps of prayers. During the brain energy studies were studied.

The results of the research showed that during the prayer and especially during the Sajid, the Alpha Wave Activity increased significantly.

The majority of alpha-waves appear in the brain’s health and optical parts that occur in the upper and lower parts of the brain.

Scientists say that during the repeated experiments, the same situation appeared, and although during other steps, relatively small increase in Alpha Wave, but their signals reached the rise during the season.

Alpha Waves are born in the human brain, feelings of comfort, satisfaction and joy. It also plays an important role in calming the troubles and troubles of everyday life and attending human attention and abilities.

Experts say that these experiences show that there is a better and easy prescription prayer than the cost of expensive and negative consequences for psychological and mental problems.

Interestingly, many Western Witnesses have published articles about this research and have acknowledged that scientific evidence has been found that Muslims worshiped significantly in the ‘Prayer’ brain, increasing the Alpha Wave Activity. Gives