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Jobs that make men die early

According to Mail Online , researchers ‘Vuu University’ obtained and analyzed the nature of the work of two lakhs and their health data, which found that people who have physical hardship, labor etc. The probability of going to the mouth of death in the lower case is 18% higher.

Peter Coyen, head of the investigative team, said that in this research, we compare those who work physically and work in offices whose life was the same.

Their cigarettes, exercises, diet and other such habits were similar, only there was a difference in work. The results of the research found that people who were physiologists had more health problems.

The reason for this is that repetitive physical reactions are very negative effects of heart health. When you wake up for a half hour a day, your heart’s heart is sharp, after which you feel better.

But when it comes to being physically active all day, it is a very different thing. It stresses the heart and the associated body, which proves harmful to the person.