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Hacker: A dangerous town consisting of internet criminals

Cyber ​​Crime is a new term in the world of crime, which is full of trust on the Internet. It can be harmed to any Internet user.

The only purpose that comes from cyber crime is the same. And that is the acquisition of money. But it was still unclear that this money goes to ‘Remenico Welle’, which is a small town named in the central Romania.

Even their own residents of this town are unaware that when the town found in the province of Atlania, and how became cyber crime.

But the famous Walesha was already known as the ‘hacker’ or ‘city of hackers’.

There is a village consisting of a population of 100,000, ‘Ramaniko Welch’, located within three hours’ distance from Bochist. Most of the residents here are living their system life by means of money by each other’s online fraud.

It is estimated that those people in the region who are twenty or less, travel in extremely expensive and high-speed vehicles.

It is understood that all these things started after the 1989 revolution. Romania became an economic market and residents living there were accessible to the computer. Those people are now involved in completely or partially fraudulent.

So this city is now the focus of FBI. But local institutions do not pay attention to it.

The first cheat from there was only the initial level. But in years of age, those people have achieved so much skill and perfection that they can now succeed in cheating any buyer. These people are making their system complicated. And not only this but also their special employees in the United States, who get money by sending them to Romania.

The truth is that cyber crime has reached millions in hacker’s, and due to this, there are also new residential apartments, shopping centers and nightclubs. The main platforms for cybercream systems are websites such as ‘eBay’ and ‘Creglag’, which are funded by false business.