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Exported 30 eggs of sugar to the brain

Beijing: The 46-year-old man in China took out 30 eggs of Kachi, many larvais were also present.

Wu Ming Shing, 46, in the hospital of Guizhou, was admitted to the hospital due to lack of headache, ultimate and nausea and power visualization. Initial diagnosis, it has been said that the brain has been gathered, but CT scan revealed that there are things similar to the eggs in the patient’s brain, after which the brain operation was decided.

Guizhou Hospital’s Pediatric Brain and Neuron Doctor Young performed a successful operation with his team to remove 30 tape vomiting and a few flaws from the patient’s brain, which was getting their diet from Kochi’s. Patient Woming is a healthy health after the shing operation, and the patient and larvaa living in the guardian’s supervision brain are being eliminated with the help of medicines in extreme care wards.

Dr. Young Ming told the British news agency that there was a membrane item in the patient’s brain, which had 30 tape vomiting, many of which were moved to a larvaa, which were fired after operation, but some other larvae other than brain. Many of the parts were going to be removed from the medicines.

Dr. Young says meat can be contained in other vegetables, including vegetable and fruit, if meat and vegetables arehed and cooked.   It is probable that it can be possible to reach any part of the brain through the blood in the body, and there is also a nausea, so meat and vegetable should be completely drained before eating it, Change your death die.