Well, cockroaches are considered to be the root of the disease, but for the past few years, not only have they been used as foods around the world, but now it is also possible to treat them.

The recent news of the red-backed cures came in circulation last week, when a Hong Kong newspaper published this news that the world’s largest country in the world found three more crocodiles from China in China.

It is reported that the crocodiles are not found accidentally, but they are surprised to be astonished, for which the latest technology is being used.

New Zealand’s Broadcasting Director, Steve Dot told that the world’s largest factory of high-end American crocodiles in Shakcheng, southwestern China’s southwest province, which produces billions of billions of red bags Is.

Talking to the broadcasting agency, China’s doctors’ organization, Good Doctor, Fou Neng Gang revealed that crocodile-growing factories supply thousands of red bags daily to different hospitals.

Dr. Fif Neng Gang said that cereals, causes, and other diseases, including cure diseases, are treated by cocrochs in China.

The doctor said that cocroches in China are mostly used in medicines of cranes and skin diseases that are enhancing beauty, but on such medicines it is not written that it was developed with red beans.

According to the news, China is also used as food in many Asian countries, including China.

On the other hand, the Karkrochz is also promoted in the Zhangkui district of Hanoi, according to the ‘The Star’ report of the broadcasting agency.

According to the news, 15 tonnes of khee or poor foods are consumed by the 30 million crocodiles daily bourcheaks, which have been planted by farmers in Jiangkui.

Due to the government’s patronage for large-scale food and nutrients, government has also been constructed to attract concrete multi-storey buildings, where thousands of red beans are being enlarged.

According to an estimate, cockroaches in China produce about 6 billion red bags, which are later used in the preparation of medicines.

China’s position is the largest market of coconut to promote cockroaches, where 6 billion adolescent red beans are prepared every year for pharmaceutical companies.

American crocodiles are being grown in companies, their height of 4 cm, when their lives are up to 700 days and the race is counted on the best of the red bag.