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Drinking enough three times a day is healthy, research

A good news for coffee drinkers is that, according to research, drinking coffee and tea in the day is beneficial for health.

Of course, every coffee drinker has heard that the caffeine is bad for health or has negative effects on health, but the new research published in the British Medical Magazine BMG has eliminated all these negative thoughts.

The researchers of the University of South Empton have collected enough impact on the body. This

According to the research, people who drink three cups of coffee in the day are more likely to drink less than the drinkers.

The most important benefit of drinking coffee has been shown that it reduces the risk of fedness and cancer, but Professor Pope Rudrick, the second author of the study and professor of University of South Hampton, says that so far no comment has come. The difference between people drinking coffee is being seen.

According to the report, he said that there is a balance of risk in life and the benefits of drinking moderate coffee are more than risk.

However, a UK National Health Service for pregnant women suggests that those days do not take caffeine more than 200 Mg (two cups) because drinking more coffee may result in loss of child. Researchers say that drinking coffee should be considered healthy enough, which is not more sugar, milk, cream or fat.

The research was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).