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Destroying the system, when the mobile phone is stolen

Saudi Arabia’s engineers have developed a security system when the mobile phone is stolen, which can destroy the mobile phone only in 10 seconds when it is stolen.

According to Daily Mail, electrical engineers of Shah Abdul University University of Science and Technology (AKA) have created this security system. Its aim is to prevent sensitive phone from going wrong.

In its small system, flexible polymer spreads the slide of silicone, which causes a blast. The polymer receives power from the stolen device’s battery.

-Daily mail

In the first phase electricity generates an 80-degree centigrade temperature which causes the spread of the polymer. Through this, the energy is stored at one place and the battery fills up to 7 times.

Electrodes are used to generate this temperature that reaches 500 to 600 mm power, but only 10 to 15 seconds destroy the entire system. However, the process of automatic destruction on 300 mw takes a minute break.