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Blood will be in experiments now

Scientists have said that they have successfully achieved the blood red cells in the laboratory. The blood made in this way can be donated.

Red cells can still be prepared in the laboratory, but the problem is of their quantity.

The University of Bristol and the National Institute of Health, NHS, has done a way in which the blood can be produced in unlimited quantities with the help of the University.

Under the old technique, a special type of stem cells were obtained, which make red cells and then with them blood was developed in the laboratory.

However, every stem cell was stuck after making only 50,000 red cells.Remember that in just one ml of blood only 50 million, when there is approximately 10 tons of red cells in a bag of blood.

Now the Bristol University team has successfully achieved stem cells in a phase when they can produce red cells in an infinite quantity.

Dr. Jan Frank, a researcher, said, ‘We have succeeded in making the red cells available for use in the hospital. We have prepared blood with the help of literators. “

However, this research has to be done yet.

Scientists can produce blood, but more research is required to implement this technology on a scale of industrial.

Another researcher, Professor David Anne told the BBC that the issue of biogenizing is still a solution. It is not easy to prepare such a massive blood, and the next stage of our research is to extend the production.

Another problem is that of mass-produced blood prices.

The benefits of this technology are visible. Sometimes the rare blood is impossible. Professor Antsy says that the first use of this technology will be on the blood of rare types.

Trials prepared in the laboratory are expected to be end of this year’s end.