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Actress Noor launches her channel

KARACHI:Actress Noor Bukhari has launched her channel on the Video Sharing Web site, which she will provide information regarding religion and women’s affairs.

Actress Noor said in a message broadcasting on her official channel on YouTube’s streaming channel, “There are many fake accounts in her name, where her videos are uploaded, so she thought that her fans To stay in touch with your channel, launch your channel in which they can talk to all people.

Noor said that you all know a lot about my life but there is so much that I do not know, there have been many obstacles in my life that I want to share with you guys how to act in an actor. Religion. In addition to this, how did I approach God?The actor said, “I am trying my best to understand my mind and share this with you on my new channel.

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Actress Noor said, besides religion and religion, this channel will also be discussed on the issues of beauty, fitness and women. Apart from this, in the light of my experience in my life, I will try to solve women’s problems.

Actress Noor also reported on her Facebook and Instagram account about her YouTube channel and requested her fans to maximize their new channel.


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