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A person died due to e-cigarette detection

Death of a person came to an end due to injury to the Wip-pan burst cousin in the US state of Florida.

Tolmej De Elia is one of the first to die from Weapon Pan, belonging to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The post mortum report said that one piece of the wip pan was found in the skull of the person who was dead.

Deputy Fire Martial Steven Lawrence said that e-cigarette can be bursted and therefore it may take a lighter or a wip of a pan.

The neighbor of the dead recognized her body and told that her house was flaming fire.

Neighbor said that I was feeling smoke out and we were convinced that there was no one at home, but then we found out smoke was coming out of the house.

According to US fire authorities, approximately 195 e-cigarettes have been cracked or firefly since 2009 to 2016.

While none of them had died in those incidents. 133 people were injured, 38 of which were severe.

According to sources, firefighters found TV producer Tommy Diaz, in a flaming house.

The report was told that his death caused injury to the head. Their body also burned up to 80 percent.

Death was declared as accidental.