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A billionaire loss to Snapper chat with a Twin television star

In today’s era, the social media’s estimate is all but you should know that the social media app is powerful and not a human.

Man uses social apps so that they can learn about their favorite stars, because most of them do the same to us and that’s why the number of social media apps is too high.

However, recently the actress Kyle Jenner, a British television actress, commented on Snapshot about Snapshot chat on Twitter, causing Sniper Money to hurt billions of rupees.


Yes! According to a report, Snapper chat company had suffered a loss of Rs 1.3 billion due to which only one bite was made.

Clearly, Kyle Jenner is one of the most populous slabs on social media, and his fans only use Snapper Chat to watch them, but his recent twit disappointed everyone.

He wrote in his tone, ‘Is there anybody besides me that does not use the same chat room now?’

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However, he took back his statement in a few minutes, saying, ‘Snapper Chat is still my first love.’

In this fifteen-minute event, Snapper chat lost its 1.3 billion loss.

Where Sniper Chat had to hit this steam, the actress’s fans presented their views on Snapshot chat.