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6 amazing ways to save battery battery

99% of the users who use smartphone have the most of the problem, to reduce the battery. Some of the careless things in the phone end up the life of your phone and you do not even know.

We show you six recipes that can help you save your iPhone’s battery

How hot your phone is

The maximum temperature puts your phone in trouble and can spend your battery in doing so. In this case, Apple recommends to keep your device up to 0 degree centigrade to 35 degree centigrams so that it can use it best.

Do not close your apps

You’ve heard that closing apps lets save phone battery. But all these are fascinating things. Repetition of closed apps actually uses more battery and your phone loses trustworthiness.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Blu tooth

When these features are on, your phone calls only the valuable battery life in the connection to finding the connection.

See which apps are spending more battery

Go to the settings and select the option of battery. A list will be released to you in apps that spend most of the battery. There are apps that are sometimes used and waste your battery.

Reduce Brightness

Doing this allows you to see the phone and it’s a simple way to save battery life.