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4 secret use of Google Chrome

Although Internet Explorer Browser has died of its cheap and self-transformed attitude, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are still alive with its subdivision.

The article has been offering five of the best Google tips that many people do not know yet.

Chrome has progressed rapidly since 2008 and has introduced several key features, some of which have been introduced.

Chrome Office and Personal Use:

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While working in offices our bookmarks, login and other browsing information vary, and our home login, Facebook accounts and bookmarks are very different at home.

Chrome offers you different browsing profiles that work like Windows Vista and Mac OS accounts. Now understand this method.

There are three points on the right side of the Chrome. Go to the settings from them and go to the Managing Director PPP and admit Parson. Your profile is still visible in this but you go to another account, write your name and select a picture.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can now set its bookmarks, web apps, and log-ins. To go from one account to another, go to the top right corner and select the account you want, and you can open two Chrome Chrome accounts for two accounts separately. Now you can also set these profiles for multiple platforms such as tabs and phones.

New Chrome version of Google Chrome:

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There are four different versions of Google Chrome browsers and the majority uses its stable version, which is being tested. But Google canary version is a new task every day, hand handles appear in your browser. Similarly, this can be the cause of problems and books and therefore developers like this version.

The advantage is that Google will be able to use the new feature launch before Chrome’s standard version. Remember that there is a change in the Google Stable version average and half months, while the Canary version changes every day. If you want to try this version of Chrome, go to the Google Chrome Releases channel page and choose one of your favorite browser versions.

Address bar firefighting:

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The Google Address bar has also been named Omni Box but it is not just a search bar to type web addresses but also many other useful features. Here you can search Google directly. If you want to find a password within a web site, they can do it here, such as writing a word “site: pcmag.com”, will get the required information or password you have on the express website. And it can be used for every web site and URL.

Open different files in Chrome:

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Chrome is not just web browsers but can also open various types of files. It displays PDFs, photos and other files, but drag and drop it to the open Chrome browser to open any audio and video files, then the file will start running.