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10 most expensive mobile phones

If you are eager to keep a smartphone and think that you have a precious smartphone set, you might be wrong. Because of your diamonds definitely diamond gems will not take place. The forwarded mobile phones are even more expensive than your thinking.

Prince plus iphone

The value of this phone is more than one hundred thousand and four thousand rupees, not a rupee or less. His name is not prisons because this phone is made for women only. It is because it contains printer cut diamonds, which is 318.

Sailey Smartphone

This phone call of Jordan Secret Collection is $ 2.5 million. Although it is not so beautiful to look, but it is made of 18 ktts of gold, which can be added to jewelery. In addition, it may also be a valuable skill of petty, crocodiles or cows.

Black Diamond Smartphone VIPN

This phone may not be so luxurious as the list and the phones are. But it is definitely one of the most expensive phones in the history of anime. The price of this phone is $ 3 million, which has two diamonds. His designer had made it impressed by Sony Ericsson Mobile.

Do not worry

This phone is also one of the unique mobile phones, worth $ 3,000,000. Its special thing is that it has a cobra over it. But the price is not of this cobra, but to make it a bit, which has two diamonds, two emeralds and 439 ruby ​​rocks.

Garcia Logger Las Vegas Jacket

This mobile price is not less than a million dollars. Only three sets are found in the world. It is completely made of gold and its backyard is made of 200-year-old wooden wooden tree in Africa, which is the world’s most valuable wood. Apart from this, his buttons are made with Charmer Crystal.

Diamond Crappo smartphone

The price of one billion $ 3 million can be called unique in every way. One of its buttons is available in it, which is considered as the most secure. Apart from this, the outer part is made of 50 diamonds, out of which ten are the ones that can cost up to 600 dollars.

Take Goldmith

The value of this phone is also $ 3 million, and it is fourth in the most expensive phones. This phone is made by Swiss watchmaker’s hands and has white gold, diamonds and other precious stones. So far, only 100 pounds have been made, which are on orders only.

Amuso Call of Diamond 6 iPhone

The bronze medal of this list is two million dollars seven billion dollars. As a result of other Apple phones, its apple pearl is a large diamond, and apart from 60 thousand small diamonds in each set. The company has made a lot of money because they know that they can not buy everyone.

Black diamond 5 iphone

This phone of $ 15 million is extremely expensive. This is the reason why the price is Black Diamond. This diamond is one of the world’s rare gems. His case is made of gold and it has 600 small diamonds on its edges. Apple Logo offers 50 more diamonds. Those who can not afford to pay such a price, they also have the second version, which is made of gold without any kind of diamonds.

Falcon Super Nova Pendant Diamond

King of this list is 59.5 million dollars. This is very unique from the previously mentioned phones. It is made of 18 ktts of gold and it has been planted with a diamond diamond. A cheap version is also available, which is made by platinum and blue diamond.