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Who and how to invent? WIFI

WiFi is an invention that has almost impossible for us. We all deserve it.Now mobile phones, laptops, and other devices can connect to the Internet automatically.

But today, 20 years ago, wires needed computers to bring them to the network. In the 1990s, a team led by an Australian researcher, Dr. John and Salvivone, started working in the CSIRO’s Radio Physics Division and tried to form a wire and send data without any wire data.

The team got a lot of success, named Wireless Canon. But they found a lot of difficulties in the fact that various items in the network were being walled like walls, wood etc., due to which the signals did not travel properly and the network had a bad break.

Although before this team, he was working on Wireless Networks, but there were several questions that Dr. John’s team could overcome and made the network more simple and understandable.