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Which illness is the presence of yellow onion language?

If a person is feeling fierce in his nature, he can examine his own nature by examining his language. The body is a part of the body present in the mouth’s mouth, which will reveal to you what stage of human health. Or what kind of impact it is on its health.

For example, if a person’s language is red, it is a sign that the person’s body is doing well, but if the person’s red eyes look more red, it is a fact that the person concerned about lack of water. Face to face

Increasing water can also showcase in the mouth. Similarly, if language is too red, it should be used as much as possible so that the dead can perform the right work.

Similarly, the language can also be used to estimate the health of the gastrointestinal. Chut straps and cold drinks have a negative effect on human drinks, with the use of spicy pepper spices and the use of cold-colored kidneys, our stomach has also been weakened, and people can not digestively simplify the food, which may cause heat in the stomach. And it begins to become irritated, however, it can also be considered as anxious health through the color of the language.

If you see yellow color on your language, it indicates that the person’s body is very hot and due to this heat the body may also suffer from any other infection. Similarly, if it is dry with language ply, it indicates the lack of blood in the body. It is important that blood checks should be done after taking consultation with the doctor.