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Wherever do you not even have the risk of lung cancer?

According to the data collected around the world, around 16 million people suffer from lung cancer every year, and they wash their hands with their hands.

But many of them are not considered to be exposed to threats, including lightweight smokers.

Experts have invented an online device that will calculate the risk of lung cancer.

This work calculator, which has climbed up to 90 percent of the economy, has been described as a great idea by the charity.

This tool is appreciated because it can predict young and lightweight smokers, which are not very dangerous for the deadly disease.

The users were asked how long they have been drinking cigarettes and how much cigarettes are consumed in the day. These are important reasons for both lung cancer.

However, the Norwegian and Greek research team may include the factors that can cause lung cancer, have been included in the test.

He added to be a typical typical dangerous cough of the year and spending more time in a smoke-filled room.

Those who have stopped smoking, they were asked how much time has passed them to abandon the bad habit. Risk exposure reduces rapidly over time.

Any smoker who has a permanent cough, whatever age it is, is embarrassed on this indicator.

Smoking is a single and necessary step you can take to improve the quality and quantity of your life.